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From the muddy trail swiftly back home

In any weather condition!

But where do I wash my bike?

Here's your network of bike wash stations in Switzerland.  

You have never cleaned your bike so easily!

Keep your bike always clean, protect it from long-term damage and enjoy the rich shine of the deep black tires. Your bike will be grateful to you.

The bike wash station near you

You'd rather have a clean bike than a dirty one?

Here comes your solution! Our bike wash is gentle to your bike and and easy to use:  Y
And it's that simple:​

  1. Rinse: Pre-wash your bike with the water-air nozzle

  2. Clean: Remove mud and dirt with the water powered brush

  3. Rinse: Wash off the last residues and dirty water

  4. Dry: Finish of by drying your bike with some low pressured air

You pay contactless or via TWINT and only as much as you use the facility (1 minute = CHF 1,-)

#station b - ride more worry less!


Bike wash Zurich

Your station b bike wash in Zurich is located at the Saalsporthalle.

Bike wash Uster

Your station b bike wash in Uster is located at the Zeughausareal.

Bike wash Brig

Thanks to SBB CFF FFS, your  station b cycle wash in Brig is located at the train station.


Our journey has just begun


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