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Our bike wash cooperation with SBB in Wald (ZH) and Brig (VS)

Do you like to use the combination of train and bike in your free time or in everyday life and are you familiar with the challenges to clean your bike regularly?


Thanks to a partnership with the SBB, you are now able to wash your bike quickly and easily at the train station. This service is available at the stations in Brig (VS) and  Wald (ZH).

In order to test the bike wash without obligation, we offer you a free bike wash on April 26, 2024 in Wald (ZH). We are looking forward to your visit.

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Details about the "free cycle-wash" promotion

With the station b bike wash, you can clean your bike in just a few minutes and easily while on the road. With the locations at the SBB train stations, you also benefit from additional washing facilities at convenient traffic junctions. 

Get to know the new offer without obligation as part of the "free bike wash" campaign and find out about helpful tips on cleaning and maintaining your bike. 

On the occation of the Meet and Ride event, you can benefit from a "free bike wash" on the following day and locations: 

  • Next: SBB train station Wald, on April 26, 2024 from 02:00pm to 04:00pm.

No registration needed. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the bike wash usually cost?

For the cleaning of your bike you pay only as much as necessary. I.e. you only pay for the duration of the cleaning, which is charged at CHF 1,- per minute.

How does the bike wash station work?

The bike wash system has three cleaning tools, which in combination ensure an optimal cleaning of your bike: 

  1. Rinse: Pre-clean the bike with the water-air mixture.

  2. Clean: remove stubborn dirt with the brush

  3. Rinse: Rinse off the last residues and dirty water

  4. Dry: Dry the bike with the air nozzle

The brush and nozzles are not working. Why is that?

After you successfully started the cleaning session, nozzle no. 1 (rinse) will be activated automatically. You just need to press the lever on the nozzle. In order to switch to one of the other cleaning tools, you need to press the respective button, which is located above the "rinse", "clean" and "dry" lap

Are the bike wash facilities accessible at all times?

The bike wash facilities are open to the public. However, due to potential noise issues, the time of day for use is restricted and may vary by location. Please check Google Maps for the actual hours of operation at each location.

What does the SBB have to do with the bicycle washing facilities?

For the operation of the bike wash facilities, SBB provides the corresponding location. Station b GmbH is responsible for the installation and operation of the facility.

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